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SRS miami MTF GRS Dr. Reed is a reconstructive Urologist and a Cosmetic Surgeon. He is a Member of the Harry Benjamin International Gender Association (HBIGDA) and performs male to female and female to male GRS.

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David's Journal After careful consideration and many years of research, I decided to contact Dr. Harold Reed in Florida.  I visited this website and filled out the online questionnaire.  I immediately received a pleasant response from the doctor himself answering some of my questions and telling me what things I should consider.  After so many years on CIRCLIST, I had already considered each item he mentioned, but none the less, it was good of him to give me a bit of homework before my planned visit.  I called his office and spoke to Anne to make the appointment in 2 months time.

Finding Someone to Perform Your Circumcision "I got a very good looking, very low and tight cut. (Shaft skin right up behind the glands. The skin is smooth when flaccid and very tight when erect.) He used a double set of sutures to hold everything together.  He'll do whatever style you suggest."  Read more...


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Testicular Enlargement


Testicular enlargement (enhancement) is a procedure to better fill the scrotum using testicular implants which are ovoid in shape and are placed in front of your existing testes. Rather than a fluff bag appearance of the scrotum created by scrotal fillers, the pleasing contours of two well represented gonads are noticeable. 

Atrophic testes may still produce testosterone and sperm and should
not be removed unless there are strong medical indications.

We do not recommend prosthetic surgery for men with normal sized

Ovoid testicular prostheses are available both in saline filled
and soft silicone models.  The texture of the soft silicone models
is minimally firmer than a normal testicle and generally well accepted
by our patients.  FDA approved soft silicone sizes range up to
2 inches in length which is somewhat longer than the average
adult testis (normally about 1 3/4" to 1 7/8").

The saline filled model is not quite as large in size, about 1 5/8"

Custom made production of a 2 1/4" prosthesis may be available but we certainly do not recommend any size larger as this would appear distinctly unnatural, dwarf your penis and might even reduce penetrating depth.  With made to order implants the consistency may vary.  Whereas with standard sizes, consistency control is excellent and demonstrators are available at the office. Remember outward size will appear about 3/16" longer and wider than prosthetic size.

For prospective patients considering even the remote possibility of parenthood we suggest sperm banking.  Risks include infection, wound separation, collection of blood or serum under the skin, and pain/discomfort, migration of implant.

Surgical fee including local anesthesia and use of the facility is $4,500 for
a single implant and $6,000 for bilateral implants.  If an orchiectomy is required during insertion, add $750 per side.

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