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Penile skin tunnel

Dr. Reed,

What is the best way to manage a penile skin tunnel?  Phil

Dear Phil,

Penile skin tunnels as opposed to penile skin bridges are most commonly seen after a circumcision when sutures are not reabsorbed or removed.  The symptoms include chronic whitish discharge, which is shedding skin and oil produced by the lining of the tunnel.  My recommendation is to unroof the tunnel under local anesthesia.  Please visit our web-site adult-male-circumcision/photographic-examples for before and after pictures of penile skin tunnels and penile skin bridges.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Cosmetic Circumcision | Miami

Penile tunnel probably from a suture tract

Penile skin bridge picture (patient of Dr. Reed)

Penile skin bridge unroofed picture (patient of Dr. Reed)

Fordyce spots are harmless but can be removed

Dr. Reed, Been told I have Fordyce spots on my penis?  Are they contagious and how do you think I got them?  Lenny Dear Lenny, Fordyce spots are whitish-yellow bumps that can occur on the edge of your lips or inside your cheeks. Less often, they can appear on your penis or scrotum if you’re male…Continue Reading

(FAQ) Penile scrotal web is drawing unwanted hair and skin into the vagina

Dr. Reed, I think my urologist made the circumcision too tight and feel that my ball sack is attached to the underside  of my penis.  Have you ever seen this before? Brent Dear Brent,  Penile scrotal webs (turkey neck) are seen very frequently in my practice.  Believe it or not, some are noted in uncircumcised patients…Continue Reading

Can you do an adult circumcision at the same time as insertion of an inflatable penile implant

Dr. Reed,  Suffer from  progressive ED the past 3 years and tried other options such as Viagra and a vacuum erection device, and have concluded I will need a penile implant or prosthesis.  Can you do a circumcision at the same time. Alex Dear Alex, Yes it is possible but would be  a little easier…Continue Reading

Best way to remove a Penile Scrotal Web (Turkey neck)

Dr. Reed,  Do you believe a penile scrotal web can cause downward angulation of an erection? Alejandro Dear Alejandro, a penile scrotal web can occur congenitally as this is a transitional zone or can be produced by an overzealous (removing too much skin) circumcision.  I have seen over the years many men with penile scrotal…Continue Reading

Penile scrotal web makes me look shorter

Dr. Reed,  Have a peno-scrotal web or so-called turkey neck. Not sure if this occurred after an adult circumcision but getting scrotum and hair into the vagina during sex is no fun for either of us.  What is the cost of surgery?  Is the y-v plasty and a Z-plasty basically the same thing used interchangeably?  Eric…Continue Reading

Non-scalpel vasectomy – Dr. Reed – Miami

Dr. Reed, What is a non-scalpel vasectomy.  Is it more expensive or better than a simple vasectomy? Hershal Dear Hershal, A “non-scalpel” vasectomy has been in public awareness for about 20 years, and we can do that if you wish.  In my opinion this is more of a promotional; gimmick, as the procedure is virutally…Continue Reading

Gynecomastia (male boobs)

Gynecomastia (male breast enlargement) or male boobs Usually this is seen bilaterally, if on one side there is more reason to be concerned about a tumor.  In our practice the most common reason is associated with excessive weight gain.  Estrogens are produced in fat stores (even in men).  This enhances breast growth.  The issue is…Continue Reading

Have phimosis but wish to look uncircumcised

Dr. Reed,  Have a phimosis and cannot retract my foreskin for daily hygiene. Smell bad,  Embarrassed especially to have oral sex. Can phimosis be corrected but still leave em essentially uncircumcised. Alan Dear Alan,  There are a few ways to managed your problem, including a dorsal slit, which opens the top side of the phimotic…Continue Reading

Penile Skin Bridge, Penile Tunnel, Penile Synechia

Dr. Reed, Have a Penile Bridge or Tunnel where I had an circumcision with many years ago and it continually sheds dirt.  Speculating, perhaps the sutures which were never removed caused this.   They have never been infected, but the stuff I squeeze out of them is whitish and smells terrible. Could this produce an infection…Continue Reading