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Circumcision as a Treatment for Penile Synechia

Dear Dr. Reed,

I have a degree of phimosis, meaning I can retract my foreskin if not erect, but it seems that a portion
of my foreskin is sticking to the head of my penis. In other words I cannot see the rim all the way around.



Dear Tom,

Chances are the rim is very much there.

We see this every so often and the medical term is synechia or adhesion of 2 closely approximated skin surfaces secondary to chronic irritation. This conceivably could be treated with some local anesthesia and separating the 2 surfaces and then applying an ointment. You would continue your synechia treatment  at least daily until skin replaces the raw area. Without a circumcision you still would be left with phimosis, but you could opt to treat on an elective basis whenever you are ready.

Hoping this is of help.

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