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Ask a Urologist About Adult Circumcision

Dear Dr. Reed,  Can you make it high?


Dear Lowell,

We sure can give you a high circumcision in our Miami office and in fact we have photos(see below) sent to us by a grateful patient which we recently posted on our web-site under testimonials, second letter http://adult-male-circumcision.com/about-the-reed-centre/testimonials/

Is this what you had in mind?

Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Cosmetic Urological Surgery – Miami


Visit our testimonials page to see a few more images, and read the colorful letter from a very satisfied patient.



loves his circumcised penis loves his circumcised penis 4

Circumcision styles – Four Types

Dear Dr. Reed, What about circumcision styles? Bill   Dear Bill, This is your cosmetic circumcision and if there is no contraindication you have 4 choices in circumcision styles. 1. remove or not remove the frenulum. 2.  loose, moderate or tight. 3.  low (closer to the head or glans), moderate or high 4.  an incision…Continue Reading