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Please show me after photo of frenulum removed

Having an adult circumcision with you this week.  Would like to see some after photos of circs where frenulum was removed.  Roger

Dear Roger,

80% of our patients having an adult circumcision ask that their frenulum be removed.  Of the 20% that originally say “no” 80% come back and say “Doctor, now do it.”  If you notice any downward angulation with an erection, perhaps caused by a tight frenulum or frenulum breve” for sure you’d want the frenulum removed.  This has been referred to as the SST deformity, named after the Concorde jet with the downward nose.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Cosmetic Circumcision | Miami

Frenulum breve with downward erection

Adult Male Circumcision 5/4

After adult circumcision photo with frenulum having been removed

Adult Male Circumcision 5/6

After adult circumcision photo with frenulum having been removed


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Frenulum Removal During Adult Circumcision Requested by 80% of our Patients

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