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Have phimosis, can I still have a moderately high circumcision

Dr. Reed, I have phimosis, can I still have a moderately high circumcision?  Stuart

Dear Stuart,

If the phimosis just involves the distal portion of your foreskin, yes you can have a moderately high circumcision.  Also please look at various circumcision styles on our web-site adult-male-penis.com.  There are many before and after pictures of circumcisions there.  Below there is a circumcision picture of a patient who had phimosis.  Fortunately the process was limited.  He was unable to retract his foreskin.

Best always,

Harold M. Reed, M.D.



Dense phimosis before picture                              Dense phimosis before picture

High circumcision picture

Before and After circumcision guidelines

Your doctor should discuss circumcision styles with you and accede as much as possible to your wishes.  If you have a phimosis, that is scarified tissue and needs to be removed, so you may not have the ultra high circumcision you wished.  Be sure to review all consents and paper work including instructions and mark…Continue Reading

Do you offer a choice of circumcision styles?

Dr. Reed, Do you offer a choice of circumcision styles?  Nat Dear Nat, You have 4 options with circumcision styles assuming that there are no contraindications such as phimosis.  With phimosis, we have to remove the distal phimotic ring which involves both inner and outer skin.  That would preclude a high circumcision, but we can…Continue Reading

Worried about phimosis which is not going away, am 24

Dr. Reed, Have serious phimosis.  Unable to retract my foreskin over my head.  I am 24 and worried.  What is the best ways to manage this and any alternatives?  I am very nervous.  Kent Dear Kent, Phimosis is a normal situation for newborns and by the time a man reaches 18 years of age, only 3% still have…Continue Reading

Have phimosis, treatment options?

Dr. Reed, Have phimosis. What are the treatment options.  Jared Dear Jared, Phimosis is a normal congenital condition which only persists in about 3% of men over 18 years of age.  If you’re an adult and a trial of steroid creams has not resulted in a permanent cure, I would suggest an adult circumcision. We…Continue Reading

Why an adult circumcision? Why not just a dorsal slit?

Why is there a need to remove the prepuce?  Why not just a dorsal slit?   Clyde Dear Clyde, A dorsal slit is performed under unusual circumstances, such as a patient who needs justifiable relief from phimosis or intractable balano-posthiits, and usually is too ill or not safe to proceed with full adult circumcision.  Example: a…Continue Reading

(FAQ) What’s balanitis, posthitis, are they related to phimosis? | Dr. Harold Reed | The Reed Centre for Cosmetic Circumcision

Dr. Reed, I am uncircumcised but told because I have difficulty retracting my foreskin I have phimosis.  Does this mean I also have balanitiis and posthitis?   This could be an insurance coverage issue.  Greg Dear Greg, Most insurance companies will fund for an adult circumcision to correct phimosis, regardless if you have balanitis or…Continue Reading

(FAQ) Phimosis | Dr. Harold Reed | The Reed Centre for Cosmetic Circumcision

Dr. Reed, Have some degree of phimosis and am contemplating an adult circumcision.  Do you have any before and after pictures of patients with phimosis who you have operated on?  Oscar Dear Oscar, Phimosis remains the most common medical reason for adult circumcision.  If you go to our web-site http://adult-male-circumcision.com/photographic-examples, look at examples #10 through #…Continue Reading

Phimosis FAQ | Dr. Harold Reed M.D. | Miami

Dr. Reed,  Have been battling with phimosis for nearly all my adult life and have tried steroid creams, antibiotic creams, sexual abstinence, you name it, and does occasionally get somewhat better but at this point I am a believer that I will need an adult circumcision.  Do I have options for circumcision styles?  Chris Dear…Continue Reading

Not outgrowing Phimosis

Dr. Reed,  Have chronic phimosis was results in tears and bleeding from time to time.  Unable to easily retract my penis for daily hygiene. Creams have not worked.  I am now 25 and hope you can solve this annoying problem. Keith Dear Keith, Phimosis is one of the most frequent medical reasons why patients come…Continue Reading