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Remedy for Phimosis

Dear Dr. Reed,  I have had phimosis for several years.  I am unable to retract my foreskin whatsoever.  Should I be worried?  What are the options?


Dear Keith,

Phimosis can be relative meaning you can retract your foreskin for daily hygiene perhaps when flaccid but does not retract during erections.  Although babies are born with phimosis which usually naturally separates, persisting exposure of the glans.  In some this situation persists making daily hygiene impossible.  This can result in chronic inflammation and malodor. Women of course prefer to have sex with men who do not smell..  While some doctors may prescribe steroid creams, we have noted this is at best a temporary remedy as usually the phimotic condition returns.  The reason is micro trauma destroys the healthy elastic fibers and this is replaced with scar tissue,

I am of the opinion sooner or later, you will opt for a circumcision and put this all behind you.  When you are circumcised all of the scar tissue has to be removed, so you probably will not be able to have a “high” circumcision  But a very respectable appearing circumcision none-the-less can be done,.  Please see our web-site penisdoctor.com/adult-circumcision for before and after photos.

Have a sunny weekend,


Harold M. Reed, M.D.

The Reed Centre for Ambulatory Urological Surgery

Phimosis, Sort of

Dear Dr. Reed, When I am not erect I can retract the foreskin over my head, but when erect I cannot and if I do so (retract it) beforehand, it stays there until the erection comes down.  Steroid creams are not working.  Any suggestions. Arthur   Dear Arthur,  Thank you for visiting our site on…Continue Reading