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Penile Skin bridges or Skin Tunnels after Circumcision

We frequently see penile skin bridges or tunnels usually as a remnant of incomplete wound healing or synechia (skin fusion) after circumcision or the skin was never completely separated or as a remnant of a suture tract which epithelializes inside.  See http://penisdoctor.com/before-after-adult-circumcision/   The are removed by unroofing or removing skin and placing a few sutures at the base.  Minimal tell-tale scar on either side may occur, but usually very acceptable and much improved.

Penile Skin Tunnels or Penile Skin Bridges: Example: 16/1-3  also example 17/1-3
Penile skin bridges or tunnels are seen occasionally after neonatal circumcision because of a re-attachment of raw skin, especially if the circumcision is loose. In this slide note also to the left of the probe an area of corona (rim of the glans) which is attacked to the penile shaft skin. Both areas were opened and allow to re-epithelialize. To prevent adhesions, an antibiotic ointment will be applied daily until skin coverage is complete. The wrinkled effect is an artifact associated with Betadine prepping before surgery. Patient complained of recurrent build up of discharge from the tunnel.

Penile Skin Bridge: Example: 17/1 – 17/3
A young adult with unwanted preputial skin bridge. Resected using 2.5 Keeler loupes. Gone.