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Penile Skin Bridge, Penile Tunnel, Penile Synechia

Dr. Reed, Have a Penile Bridge or Tunnel where I had an circumcision with many years ago and it continually sheds dirt.  Speculating, perhaps the sutures which were never removed caused this.   They have never been infected, but the stuff I squeeze out of them is whitish and smells terrible. Could this produce an infection in my girlfriend?


Dear Howie,

We have collected many photos of Penile Skin Bridges or Penile Skin Tunnels over the years.  Simply they need to be unroofed and surprisingly in all cases we have done, the skin is normal underneath.  Usually the area heals imperceptibly.  Take a look at some of these before and after photos from our web-site   penisdoctor.com/before-after-adult-circumcision/ examples #16 and #17.  Somnetimes skin bridges are a variant of penile adhesions or penile synechia and again the treatment is fairly simple.  Unroof the adhesions, and in this case of synechia apply an antibiotic ointment until the skin re-epithelializes.  The discharge is called smegma which is a continuing output of shedding penile skin and oils normally cleansed with daily hygiene.  But in your case, retained inside the penile tunnel.

Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Ambulatory Urological Surgery – Miami

16/1    16/3

Penile Skin Bridge                                                                                     Penile Skin Tunnel


17/2     17/3

Penile Skin Bridge                                                                                      Penile Skin Bridge Unroofed

Adult Circumcision for Balanitis

Dear Dr. Reed, Have chronic inflammation of the head of my penis and when I try to retract it to cleanse, there is some tearing and small amount of bleeding.  Is the a non-surgical cure? Raymond Dear Raymond, Balanitis means inflammation of the head and comes from the Greek word balanos or acorn.  If the…Continue Reading