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Penile skin bridge

Dr. Reed, Had a circumcision as a child and the rim of the glans does not show on the underside.  Is it possible it was removed or needs to be exposed?  Frank

Dear Frank,

The most common reason fo the rim of th glans not showing is called penile synechia or fusion of the foreskin to the glans which was not separated or reattached after neonatal circumcision.  Under local anesthesia we can start where the rim is clearly seen and spread the skin apart on the underside.  Then please apply an antibiotic ointment for about 2 weeks or so until the raw area epithelializes.  This is minor surgery.  Similar approach is used for penile skin bridges and penile tunnels.  (Unroofing).

Before and after photos of our adult circumcision work can be seen on penisdoctor.com/before-after-adult-circumcision

Harold M. Reed, M.D.
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Picture of Penile skin bridge or penile synechia

Picture of Penile skin bridge or penile synechia

After Picture of Penile skin bridge (patient fo Dr. Reed)

Skin tunnel and skin bridge after circumcision as child

Dear Dr. Reed, How easy is it to correct a penile skin bridge and skin tunnels after a circumcision that was performed when I was about 3. Mel Dear Mel, Skin bridges and skin tunnels are fairly easy to correct with a very acceptable cosmetic result.  Please look at before and after circumcision photos on…Continue Reading