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Penile scrotal web, can this be corrected and circumcision revised?

Dear Dr. Reed,  May have had some tendency to a turkey neck or penile scrotal web before circumcision but now it is more exaggerated.  Can this be fixed and my circumcision revised. Damien Hi Damien, Please understand that most circumcision revisions where penile shaft skin has to be removed especially on the underside will worsen a…Continue Reading

Circumcision revision and penile scrotal web

Hi, Doctor how are you doing?  Requesting a circumcision revision.  My name is Nicholas and have previously done a circumcision and was really disappointed with the way it came out. So I want to do it again. Would be glad to send you my circumcision pictures.  So Ive looked around and I feel I am…Continue Reading

Circumcision revision, penile scrotal web, pubic liposuction and ED

Dr. Reed: I have written you before about circumcision revision, penile scrotal web, pubic liposuction and ED   I wish to correct the damage done by a circumcision that I had several years ago.  I am spending a week in January in South Beach and would like to come in first for your opinion as…Continue Reading

Best way to remove a Penile Scrotal Web (Turkey neck)

Dr. Reed,  Do you believe a penile scrotal web can cause downward angulation of an erection? Alejandro Dear Alejandro, a penile scrotal web can occur congenitally as this is a transitional zone or can be produced by an overzealous (removing too much skin) circumcision.  I have seen over the years many men with penile scrotal…Continue Reading

Penile scrotal web makes me look shorter

Dr. Reed,  Have a peno-scrotal web or so-called turkey neck. Not sure if this occurred after an adult circumcision but getting scrotum and hair into the vagina during sex is no fun for either of us.  What is the cost of surgery?  Is the y-v plasty and a Z-plasty basically the same thing used interchangeably?  Eric…Continue Reading

Can I get circumcised as an adult

Dr. Reed, Can I get circumcised as an adult?  Should I have an Adult Circumcision?  What Circumcision Style do you recommend? James Dear James, Yes, you can have an Adult Circumcision,  assuming you are a medically qualified.  Our position is that a circumcision is usually not necessary but may be elected for reasons for hygiene, personal…Continue Reading

More information on Tight Circumcision please

Dr. Reed, Could you provide more information on Tight Circumcision Dassu Dear Dassu, Surely you do not want a circumcision to be so tight, it draws the scrotum onto the penile shaft creating a penile-scrotal web or draws pubic hair onto the shaft or causes pain with erection or promtoes the concealed penis look.  In…Continue Reading

Circumcision Revision and removal of Penile Scrotal Web

Dr. Reed,  Have a penile waddle in the frenular area and a penile scrotal web.  Hoping you can take care of both these issues at the same time.penile Leonard Dear Leonard, Circumcision revision and penile scrotal web recession is the “specialty of the house.”  Please see photographic examples on our web-site adult-male-circumcision.com/photographic-examples/  Below are typical before and…Continue Reading

Penile Scrotal Web and Circumcision Revision | Dr. Reed | Miami

Dr. Reed, Would you be able to fix a penile scrotal web when you are doing my circumcision revision.  I hear you don’t like to do both at the same time. Nick Dear Nick, After you review before and after photos on penisdoctor.com/penile-scrotal-web–recession please send me your focused photos especially side views, perhaps one with…Continue Reading

Will removal of a penile scrotal web result in loss of length or width?

Dear Dr. Reed, Considering removal of a penile scrotal web or turkey neck.  Will this result in loss of length or girth either using your V-Y plasty or a Z-plasty technique. Adam Dear Adam,  Although we favor the V-Y approach as being more cosmetic, and I feel unsuited to comment on Z-plasty flaps as I only…Continue Reading