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How to avoid a penile scrotal web during adult circumcision

Dr. Reed,  How do I avoid a penile scrotal web during adult circumcision?  Manny

Dear Manny,
Penile scrotal webs (or turkey necks) are seen in men who have never had a circumcision as this is a transitional zone in human development.  If seen in a pre-op patient, my responsibility is to call that to their attention. Patients who request tight circumcisions should know if the underside is made too tight, it will draw the scrotal skin onto the shaft of the penis.

We do our circumcisions with the penis on traction and do a “test” pull to see if what the patient is asking for will cause movement at the penile scrotal angle.  If so, he is given a hand held mirror and to appreciate the limitations of what I can do.  One approach is to loosen the shaft skin on the underside, so when it is pulled, traction is not applied to the scrotum.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Cosmetic Circumcision | Miami

Penile scrotal web creating the illusion or a shorter penis  (patient seeing Dr. Reed for revision)

Penile scrotal web creating the illusion or a shorter penis  (patient seeing Dr. Reed for revision)

Penile scrotal web revision after picture using a V-Y plasty technique

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