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High Tight Circumcision Advantages

Dear Dr. Reed, I keep hearing “high and tight” circumcision.  Is this what I should be asking for? Dave Dear Dave, High and tight is a circumcision style, one of many options.  Surely you do not want the skin that tight, it draws the pubic skin and hair onto the shaft of the penis or…Continue Reading

High and tight circumcision in Miami

Dr. Reed, I am seeking a high and tight circumcsion.  Will you do this? Nestor Good afternoon  Nestor, Yes, usually we can do this, however please keep in mind there may be some pre-existing reasons unique to you which may preclude this to the degree you wish.  You should be aware that you will definitely…Continue Reading

Ask a Urologist About Adult Circumcision

Dear Dr. Reed,  Can you make it high? Lowell Dear Lowell, We sure can give you a high circumcision in our Miami office and in fact we have photos(see below) sent to us by a grateful patient which we recently posted on our web-site under testimonials, second letter http://adult-male-circumcision.com/about-the-reed-centre/testimonials/ Is this what you had in mind?…Continue Reading