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SST deformity and frenulum breve

Dear Dr. Reed, I have a tight frenulum and although somewhat noticeable when flaccid when erect this exaggerates the downward tilt of my head.  Would removing the frenulum correct this? Bernhart Dear Bernhart, 95% of the time yes.  The SST derformity named after the Concord jet in my practice is 95 + % of the…Continue Reading

Frenulum Removal vs. Release

Dear Dr. Reed,  Looking for advice. Should my frenulum be released or removed? Thanks Roan Dear Roan, Depends on the doctor. May be one and the same thing.  I put a gloved finger over the frenular area.  If I still feel a band, I lyse the band and that removes any tendency for the head…Continue Reading

Frenulum removal

Dear Dr. Reed,  Last year had a circumciision and I did not discuss removing my frenulum and was surprised when the dressing came off, it was still there.  How difficult is it to remove it now? Chris Dear Chris, This would not happen in our office because we discuss all the options  before we touch…Continue Reading

Circumcision Style Options

Dr. Reed,  I live in the Miami area and have been following your web-site and blogs on adult-male-circumcision.com. What are the medical reasons for circumcision and does this limit circumcision style options.?  Trying to see if my insurance company will help pay. Scott, Dear Scott, Among the more common reasons include phimosis or inability to…Continue Reading

Seeking Expert Circumcision Doctor in Miami

Dear Dr. Reed, Live in Hialeah and looking for a cosmetic circumcision which is somewhat tight and moderately high.  Yes I want my frenulum removed. Javier Good afternoon Javier, While we are not within walking distance, we are located in Miami-Dade in Bay Harbor Islands, next to the Bal Harbour shops.  We do offer you…Continue Reading

Circumcision Styles

Dear Dr. Reed, Do you have a favorite circumcision style and if why? Hector Dear Hector, I have done them all (IMHO) and we offer 4 options: remove or do not remove frenulum, low, medium or high cut, loose moderate or tight, cut parallel to the corona which is an oblique cut and typical for…Continue Reading