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Do you recommend my frenulum be removed when I have an adult circumcision?

Dr. Reed, Do you recommend my frenulum be removed when I have an adult circumcision?  Steve

Dear Steve,  The decision is yours and there is no extra fee, and the added time is about 2 minutes to level it out and sew the edges back together.  If you have downward angulation of the head of the penis with erections, that is called frenulum breve (or short frenulum, or SST deformity) and of course I’d recommend it be removed.  You’re under circumcision anesthesia already. The stories about loss of sensitivity with frenulum removal are just stories.  I have never had a patient see me whose frenulum has been removed either at birth or as an adult complain they lost sensation in that area.  Remember a circumcision is just about removing skin.

Please visit our web-site for a gallery of before and after pictures of adult circumcision. Also consider the various circumcision styles (cut, tightness, obliquity of the incision)  We’ll try to accommodate.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Cosmetic Circumcision | Miami

Frenulum picture

Overly tight frenulum causing ventral tilting of the head especially during erection (SST deformity)

The SST jet with ventral tilting of the nose

Please show me after photo of frenulum removed

Having an adult circumcision with you this week.  Would like to see some after photos of circs where frenulum was removed.  Roger Dear Roger, 80% of our patients having an adult circumcision ask that their frenulum be removed.  Of the 20% that originally say “no” 80% come back and say “Doctor, now do it.”  If…Continue Reading

Frenulum removal (frenulectomy) at time of adult circumcision

Dr. Reed, What are the pros and cons of frenulum removal (frenulectomy) at the time of adult circumcision?  Oscar Dear Oscar, The purpose of the frenulum is to help pull the foreskin back over the glans after an erection.  80 % of my patients say they want is removed, and of the 230% that say…Continue Reading

SST deformity and frenulum breve

Dear Dr. Reed, I have a tight frenulum and although somewhat noticeable when flaccid when erect this exaggerates the downward tilt of my head.  Would removing the frenulum correct this? Bernhart Dear Bernhart, 95% of the time yes.  The SST derformity named after the Concord jet in my practice is 95 + % of the…Continue Reading

Frenulum Removal vs. Release

Dear Dr. Reed,  Looking for advice. Should my frenulum be released or removed? Thanks Roan Dear Roan, Depends on the doctor. May be one and the same thing.  I put a gloved finger over the frenular area.  If I still feel a band, I lyse the band and that removes any tendency for the head…Continue Reading

Circumcision Style Options

Dr. Reed,  I live in the Miami area and have been following your web-site and blogs on adult-male-circumcision.com. What are the medical reasons for circumcision and does this limit circumcision style options.?  Trying to see if my insurance company will help pay. Scott, Dear Scott, Among the more common reasons include phimosis or inability to…Continue Reading

Frenulum removal

Dr. Reed, When I was circumcised I asked that my frenulum not be removed, now I am having second thoughts because dirt collects there and my head tilts down with erections.  Is this easy to fix? David Dear David, Yes,  In the world of minor operations, this is quite minor surgery.  We can do you…Continue Reading