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Do you recommend my frenulum be removed when I have an adult circumcision?

Dr. Reed, Do you recommend my frenulum be removed when I have an adult circumcision?  Steve

Dear Steve,  The decision is yours and there is no extra fee, and the added time is about 2 minutes to level it out and sew the edges back together.  If you have downward angulation of the head of the penis with erections, that is called frenulum breve (or short frenulum, or SST deformity) and of course I’d recommend it be removed.  You’re under circumcision anesthesia already. The stories about loss of sensitivity with frenulum removal are just stories.  I have never had a patient see me whose frenulum has been removed either at birth or as an adult complain they lost sensation in that area.  Remember a circumcision is just about removing skin.

Please visit our web-site for a gallery of before and after pictures of adult circumcision. Also consider the various circumcision styles (cut, tightness, obliquity of the incision)  We’ll try to accommodate.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Cosmetic Circumcision | Miami

Frenulum picture

Overly tight frenulum causing ventral tilting of the head especially during erection (SST deformity)

The SST jet with ventral tilting of the nose

Frenulum tag detracts from normal circumcised look

Dr. Reed,  Had an adult circumcision, but the doctor left a remnant of my frenulum.  Please look at the photo and see if you agree.  How easy is this to correct.  How soon could I be back to work, and sex? Benson Frenulum remnant Dear Benson, When we discuss circumcision styles, the patient is given…Continue Reading

How easy is it to remove Frenulum, had Adult Circumcision 2 years ago

Dr. Reed,  When I had an adult circumcision 2 years ago, I had asked that my frenulum not be removed, but now I don’t have the clean sweep on the shaft.  And I realized there’s no difference in sensitivity.  How easy is this to remove now, and what fee? Bruce Dear Bruce, 80% of our…Continue Reading

Frenulum removal (frenulectomy) at time of adult circumcision

Dr. Reed, What are the pros and cons of frenulum removal (frenulectomy) at the time of adult circumcision?  Oscar Dear Oscar, The purpose of the frenulum is to help pull the foreskin back over the glans after an erection.  80 % of my patients say they want is removed, and of the 230% that say…Continue Reading

Seeking Expert Circumcision Doctor in Miami

Dear Dr. Reed, Live in Hialeah and looking for a cosmetic circumcision which is somewhat tight and moderately high.  Yes I want my frenulum removed. Javier Good afternoon Javier, While we are not within walking distance, we are located in Miami-Dade in Bay Harbor Islands, next to the Bal Harbour shops.  We do offer you…Continue Reading

Circumcision Styles

Dear Dr. Reed, Do you have a favorite circumcision style and if why? Hector Dear Hector, I have done them all (IMHO) and we offer 4 options: remove or do not remove frenulum, low, medium or high cut, loose moderate or tight, cut parallel to the corona which is an oblique cut and typical for…Continue Reading

Adult Circumcision for Balanitis

Dear Dr. Reed, Have chronic inflammation of the head of my penis and when I try to retract it to cleanse, there is some tearing and small amount of bleeding.  Is the a non-surgical cure? Raymond Dear Raymond, Balanitis means inflammation of the head and comes from the Greek word balanos or acorn.  If the…Continue Reading