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My circumcision result seems too long. How easy to correct?

My adult circumcision result came out way linger than I expected.  How easy is this to correct, and how soon can it be corrected.  I am willing to travel to the Reed Centre Neal Dear Neal, We have seen loose circumcisions as well as circumcisions that barely look like the patient was circumcised at all.…Continue Reading

High and tight circumcision redux (aka ultra tight circumcision)

Dr. Reed, Can you perform an ultra tight circumcision?  What are the advantages of high and tight circumcision?  Richard Dear Richard, Yes, if you do not have phimosis we can do a high and tight circumcision . Please be advised however that the inner skin which is being preserved is the portal through which HIV infection occurs.  If you’re inclined to have…Continue Reading

Adult circumcision revision (“make it tighter”)

Patient had an adult circumcision 12 years ago and never really happy about laxity of skin. Requests a circumcision revision  Circumcision done very close to glans (don’t know why). Options is to make another incision/scar higher and have 2 circles of fairly uniform circumference, or make incision again low and place dart on underside to…Continue Reading

How many adult circumcisions under your belt is needed to be “experienced” | Dr. Harold Reed | The Reed Centre for Cosmetic Circumcision

Dr. Reed, Maybe a silly question.  But how many circumcisions does is take to become an “experienced” urologist?  Nestor Dear Nestor, More important than a singular number or who has done the most, is for a urologist to look at what he (she) is doing with a critical cosmetic eye.  If it doesn’t look like…Continue Reading

(FAQ) Circumcision Styles | Dr. Harold Reed | The Reed Centre for Cosmetic Circumcision

Dr. Reed,  What are the common circumcision styles? Do you have a favorite?  Bo Dear Bo,  We try to please whenever possible.  Moderation is always the best advice.  Please avoid excessively tight circumcisions as there is a tendency to draw the scrotum and pubis onto the penile shaft.  Only to have a patient call me…Continue Reading

Moderately high circumcision with the frenulum intact

My name is Gary and I have been considering adult circumcision for some time now. Now that I am retired, wintering in Ocala, FL, the time has come. I am 61  and wish to be circumcised for both cosmetic and sanitary reasons. Cosmetic because I favor the appearance of a circumcised penis and sanitary wise because…Continue Reading

Can you remove all my inner skin during an adult circumcision

Dr. Reed, Know there are many circumcision styles, but would like all my inner skin removed.  What should I anticipate?  Can you do this?  Howard Dear Howard, Yes, we can do this circumcision style.  The inner skin is the portal through which HIV viruses enter the penis, as it is not keratinized.  The neck of…Continue Reading

How many circumcisions styles are there?

Dr. Reed, How many circumcision styles are there and are they all compatible such as high and tight or low and loose?  Tim Dear Tim, Circumcision styles are up to the patient whenever possible Assuming you do not have phimosis in which case we need to remove all scarified skin, which may affect “high” ness…Continue Reading

Had an adult circumcision but one area is still swollen

Dr. Reed, Had an adult circumcision but one area is still swollen.  I have sent you a few pictures, the last is at day 43.  Merv Dear Merv,  What I see is reduction in the swelling over the past 2 weeks.  There’s always the last snow to melt, so please be more patient.  The doctor did…Continue Reading

Phimosis FAQ | Dr. Harold Reed M.D. | Miami

Dr. Reed,  Have been battling with phimosis for nearly all my adult life and have tried steroid creams, antibiotic creams, sexual abstinence, you name it, and does occasionally get somewhat better but at this point I am a believer that I will need an adult circumcision.  Do I have options for circumcision styles?  Chris Dear…Continue Reading