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Circumcision Care at the Miami FL Reed Centre


Dear Dr. Reed,

What are your suggestion to achieving optimal recovery’ and healing after my circumcision with you this coming week?

François from Atlanta

Dear François,

Treat yourself right and your penis right. Ideally you should be staying at a nearby Miami hotel. We favor Daddy O, one block away (no financial interest) as I make daily rounds there.

Plan on staying in the recovery room for 2 hours before discharge.

We have TV (111 channels), phone service, refreshments to help while away your time. Being vertical is not good, so please don’t let me see you at the mall standing on line at the movie theater (noted with one patient). Plan on lots of bed rest for 2 days.

This minimizes bruising and swelling. It’s simple hydraulics. The heart is a pump and when you are vertical, even sitting up, blood pools towards your pelvis.

Even though we apply 2 layers of softy expansile dressing, the following morning it many very well be too tight and I will loosen the outer Coban on the top side, and we’ll both note kit expands about 3/4″. We have desisted in recommending Ornate to produce vasoconstriction (reduce erections) as it may cause focal necrosis in the incision line. Remember your penis is an appendage, so distal blood flow is very easily compromised.

Although you can shower the next day protecting your dressing with a dry condom or Saran wrap or a Glad baggie slit at one corner, please leave your dressing on for a week. We will have applied steri-stripsover your incision. Our version, which is somewhat more expensive expands and are porous. We say “soap and water goes in, dirt comes out.”

Leave them on for 12 to 14 days at which time your sutures come out to avoid cross hatch marks.

We typically will reapply fresh steri-strips, and recommend you leave them on for another 2 weeks or so.

If you elect to do this, do not apply ointment as this will loosen the steri-strips. Only if you wish, you may apply an ointment of choice after this time. Fortunately the genital skin is not prone to scarring (have not seen one single keloid in patients prone to form keloids in other parts of their body). However, you have to help nature to do a good job. Not that you would but just to make mention “no ice” as this causing vasoconstriction and is perhaps injurious to wound healing especially in delicate areas.

Hoping this is of help.
Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Ambulatory Urological Surgery – Miami


Adult Circumcision and Vasectomy

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