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(FAQ) What’s balanitis, posthitis, are they related to phimosis? | Dr. Harold Reed | The Reed Centre for Cosmetic Circumcision

Dr. Reed, I am uncircumcised but told because I have difficulty retracting my foreskin I have phimosis.  Does this mean I also have balanitiis and posthitis?   This could be an insurance coverage issue.  Greg

Dear Greg,

Most insurance companies will fund for an adult circumcision to correct phimosis, regardless if you have balanitis or posthitis.  When you see the suffix “itis” that means an inflammation like tonsillitis or appendicitis.  Balanos is the Greek word relating to acorn and balanitis is inflammation of the head of the penis.

Posthitis refers to inflammation of the foreskin.  If the inside of the foreskin is involved, you could have by contact inflammation of the head or glans as well – balanitis. When they occur together we say “balano-posthitis.”

Yet, we have seen men with phimosis with surprisingly no serious degree of either. Please see some before and after photos below of adult circumcision and phimosis..


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Cosmetic Circumcision | Miami


Very tight pin-point phimosis with no appreciable inflammation

Surprisingly no balanitis or posthitis

Phimosis and inflamed foreskin: posthitis

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