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Need adult circumcision revision for unsightly scars

Dr. Reed, Need an adult circumcision revision for unsightly scars.  Sure hope you can improve on this. How do I get to your office in Miami?  Brad

Dear Brad,

We do several adult circumcisions and revisions here every week.  Over the years we’ve done about 8000 adult circumcisions  Before and after circumcision pictures and circumcision revision pictures are posted on our web-site adult-male-circumcision.com. Hope you like what you see.  We’re on Kane Concourse in Bay Harbor Islands, about 5 blocks west of the ocean, north of Miami Beach and south of Hallandale, Florida.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Cosmetic Circumcision | Miami
1111 Kane Concourse, Suite # 311
Bay Harbor islands, Florida 33154


Before and after picture of adult circumcision revision (patient revised by Dr. Reed)



Before and after picture of adult circumcision revision (patient revised by Dr. Reed)

Mogen clamp for adult circumcision?

Dr. Reed, Do you use a Mogen clamp for adult circumcision?  Herb Dear Herb, A Mogen clamp has its place for neonatal circumcisions but I personally would not use this on an adult because the exactitude of the incision is not well controlled.  This relates to circumcision styles… loose moderate or tight circumcision cut, high…Continue Reading

(FAQ) What’s balanitis, posthitis, are they related to phimosis? | Dr. Harold Reed | The Reed Centre for Cosmetic Circumcision

Dr. Reed, I am uncircumcised but told because I have difficulty retracting my foreskin I have phimosis.  Does this mean I also have balanitiis and posthitis?   This could be an insurance coverage issue.  Greg Dear Greg, Most insurance companies will fund for an adult circumcision to correct phimosis, regardless if you have balanitis or…Continue Reading

Want low and tight circumcision revision

Dr. Reed,  My first circumcision is unbelievably loose.  Would like a cosmetic adult circumcision revision and please make it a low and tight circumcision. Gilbert Dear Gilbert, Adult circumcision and circumcision revisions are the specialty of the house. If you visit our web-site adult-male-circumcision.com/photographic-examples you’ll see many before and after adult circumcision pictures.  Hope you like what…Continue Reading

Think I need a circumcision revision, skin covering my head

Dr. Reed,  Had an adult circumcision done 2 yers ago and was not very happy because it looks like I was never circumcised.  My head is covered most of the time when flaccid.  What are the options?  Saw pictures of your work on adult-male-circumcision.com/photographic-examples Milton Dear Milton, Thank you for looking at photos of our…Continue Reading

Adult circumcision sutures, do they need to be removed?

Dr. Reed,  Can you do an adult circumcision with absorbable sutures, so I do not have to come back for suture removal? Benjamin Dear Benjamin, We recommend for a cosmetic adult circumcision your absorbable sutures be removed about 12 to 14 days after cosmetic adult circumcision.  The reason being, if this is not done, 10%…Continue Reading

Can I drive after adult circumcision and will you remove sutures

Dear Dr. Reed,  Need an adult circumcision and heard about The Reed Centre for Cosmetic Circumcision  1) Can I come alone for the circumcision procedure? 2) I live in west palm beach, Can I drive down for the procedure and return home the same day? 3) Can you remove the stitches on day twelve? or…Continue Reading

What Male Circumcision Styles do you offer

What male circumcision styles do you offer?  I have heard “high and tight” mentioned a lot?  Is this your most popular circumcision style? Randall Dear Randall, We give the patient 4 male circumcision styles to choose from.  Remove or do not remove the frenulum, low moderate or high, tight moderate or loose, and cut or…Continue Reading

38 year old man asks “am I too old for a circumcision”?

Dr. Reed Need to get a honest opinion of circumcision at my age.. I’m 38 years old and i live in chicago what are the prices for the cirgury???? can you sen me more details please Luis Dear Luis, Cosmetic circumcision for a 38 year old man is very typical in our practice, and the…Continue Reading

Need circumcision and have large vein on top of my penis

Dear Dr. Reed, I am a 30-yr-old living in Columbus, Ohio. I first investigated adult circumcision when I was 23, at The Ohio State University Medical Center’s Urology Department. I have held off for a number of reasons, but at this point, I am more ready than ever to do this. I have some really…Continue Reading