Still looks uncircumcised, concealed penis

Dear Dr. Reed,
I am 52 and had been circumcised at age 22.  Over the years I have put on some weight and now my penis head seems totally buried in my pubis.  Please advise.


Dear Roger,

We are very familiar with the hidden penis often called the  buried penis or concealed penis.  As we age even for a slim person our skin starts to drag downwards.  That’s why people have face lifts.  If you are overweight the lower abdominal and pubic fat pad also pulls down and creates additional skin which envelops the penis.  Uusally weight loss in and of itself won’t correct the problem because you’ll still be left with blousing skin. We would recommend a lower abdominal pubic dermatolipectomy, and tacking that loose “uncircumcised” penile skin to the base of your penis where it belongs.  Simulateously we may do the same tacking procedure on the under side.

Please see before and after penis surgery photos on / (in upper left hand corner, tap “click here”.  Same for penile scrotal web, see


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Ambulatory Urological Surgery

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