Seeking Expert Circumcision Doctor in Miami

Dear Dr. Reed,

Live in Hialeah and looking for a cosmetic circumcision which is somewhat tight and moderately high.  Yes I want my frenulum removed.


Good afternoon Javier,

While we are not within walking distance, we are located in Miami-Dade in Bay Harbor Islands, next to the Bal Harbour shops.  We do offer you a choice of 4 circumcision styles or options: remove or do not remove the frenulum; cut parallel to the rim of the penis with inner skin equidistant all the way around or perpendicular to the shaft; tight, moderate or loose; and high, medium or low cut.

Would suggest you initiate a consultation over the phone and then plan on having someone driving you home after the operation.  You’ll be in our recovery room for a good 2 hours, so we can keep a watch on you and we want to see you back in the office the following day.  Or you can stay overnight at a nearby motel and return home that morning after I see you.

Yes, we serve refreshments.

Harold M. Reed, M.D. FICS

Senior Member of the American Urological Association
Member Society of Genito-Urinary Reconstructive Surgeons
Founding Member and Treasurer of American Academy of Phalloplasty Surgeons
Founding Member Sexual Society of North America
International Society for Sexual Medicine

1111 Kane Concourse  Suite # 311
Bay Harbor Islands, FL 33154-2041



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