Is the Reed Centre for Cosmetic Circumcision Posted on Google Maps

Dr. Reed, Is the Reed Centre for Cosmetic Circumcision highlighted on Google maps?  I know you are in the Miami area.  Is parking available near your building?  Jordan

Dear Jordan,
The Reed Centre is definitely highlighted on Google maps which is an honor because there are numerous businesses on Kane Concourse in Bay Harbor Islands.  Parking is available immediately in back of our building, about 40 spaces for short term parking (less than 24 hours).  Please don’t be intimidated by the signs saying “Tow Away Zone”.  This is to discourage shoppers who have no business in our building trying to avoid feeding the meters on the street.

Remember this is short term parking, so if all spaces are filled, wait a moment and someone will pull out.  Walk through the breezeway and take one of 2 elevators up to the third floor.  Make a right and we’re about 15 feet away.

When on Google maps, click on the Reed Centre (red highlight H icon), then click on “directions to here”.  (,-80.1309198,18z)


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Cosmetic Circumcision | Miami
1111 Kane Concourse, Suite # 311, Bay Harbor Islands, Florida 33154




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