Why does my recent circumcision revision make me look shorter

Dr. Reed, Had a circumcision revision on the west coast, and think I look shorter or may have lost some length.  I am embarrassed to ask the doctor.  Phil

Dear Phil,

When circumcisions are overly tight, they may draw your pubic skin onto the penis and scrotal skin also.  You lose the normal penile pubic angle and penile-scrotal angle as well.  This is called a penile-scrotal web or in the vernacular a “turkey neck.”:

When doing a circumcision (at the Reed Centre for Cosmetic Circumcisions) we pull on the glans to simulate the erect state.  If we see pubic skin starting to envelope the base of the penis or scrotal skin, this means the circumcision will be too tight.  Going one step beyond that is a “radical” circumcision is performed, for sure you feel some tugging which is unpleasant.  If you are in the 2 to 3 month post-operative period especially, please do not take erection suppressing drugs such as Sudafed as long as your incision line is intact.  Erections may help to stretch out the  skin as well as bring a rich blood supply to the penis which could be helpful in overcoming transient inflammatory fibrosis.

Below is a typical photo of a man way too tight with a penile scrotal web and his his need to shave pubic hair to make his penis look long and also to keep the hair off the shaft, not fun during intromission for patient or the lady.


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Overly tight circumcision.  Sam cut the pants way too short

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