Please fix circumcision waddle and penile scrotal web

Dear Dr. Reed, I have a waddle of skin on  the underside of my penis and penile scrotal web which was either not corrected or induced by prior adult circumcision.  I can send you some photos.  How easy is this to repair.


Dear Matthew,

We see penile waddles all the time along with penile scrotal webs.  They can be congenital variants of an otherwise normal penis.  Surely, an overzealous circumcision can create a penile scrotal web by being too tight.  Waddles have to be appreciated at the time the circumcision is being done not in retrospect.  Yes although it takes extra time to correct, this should be discussed with the patient beforehand and corrected with his permission. Doesn’t take that much added time.  We try to keep waddle incisions on the underside of the penis where they heal inconspicuously,.

Please look at before and after pictures of waddles and penile scrotal webs on

When we think of circumcision we think of cosmesis, being careful, and conferring with the patient about what needs to be done.There are no clocks on our operating room wall.  We’re here to do as perfect a job as possible.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Cosmetic Circumcision – Miami


Penile waddle                 Penile waddle


Penile Scrotal Web          Penile Scrotal Web repaired

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