Please Explain Recurring Synechia After Circumcision and Balanitis

Dr. Reed, had my circumcision about 6 months ago in the midwest and still the distal shaft skin is sticking to my head. Told the problem is called balanitis.

Tried ointments without success.


Dear Jose,

Most likely this is occurring because the circumcision is too loose, so the head or glans is unable to re-epithelialize. That means covered with fresh skin.  Nature regenerating new skin is normal as anyone knows who has had a minor skin scrape.  When just the head is inflamed that is called balantiis.  If 2 raw surfaces or inflamed surfaces are in contact with each other they will usually stick together.  That’s the way we are programmed to heal.  If the inner aspect of the foreskin is inflamed we call that posthitis, or hence the term “balano-posthitis” when both surfaces are involved.   We have seen hundreds or cases of penile synechia mainly on men who never had a circumcision and after we do it, it heals remarkably well.  A loose circumcision is seldom the answer for these men.

Happy Year,

Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Ambulatory Urological Surgery – Miami

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