Phimosis, Sort of

Dear Dr. Reed,

When I am not erect I can retract the foreskin over my head, but when erect I cannot and if I do so (retract it) beforehand, it stays there until the erection comes down.  Steroid creams are not working.  Any suggestions.



Dear Arthur,  Thank you for visiting our site on phimosis and numerous pohotgraphic examples espepcially figures 10 through 15.  One photo is oparaphimosis a potentially strangulating condition which chokes off the blood supply to the head, a urologic emergency. Can usually be reduced without surgery, but this tells you, you are at risk for recurrence.

Better to have a circumcision with full removal of any scarified tissue as scar once formed or deposited never returns to normal healthy elastic tissue.

Happy Holidays,


Harold M. Reed, M.D.

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