Pearly pink papules (PPP)

Dr. Reed, I have been diagnosed with pearly pink papules (PPP).  Is this contagious, is this a type of venereal wart? How easy are they to remove.  Is there any likelihood of recurrence?  Should my girlfriend be examined also?  Sam  PS Sorry for all the questions but I am worried.



Dear Sam,

Please do not worry.  If that’s what you have, they are  not contagious and seems to occur with somewhat greater frequency in uncircumcised men.  If you are considering a circumcision we remove them gratis.  Our technique is to use pin point electrocautery and considering over 40 years of urological experience, they do not grow back.  Venereal warts are contagious and should be treated as they may be a cause of cervical cancer.

Your girlfriend most likely is not the source of your PPP, but she should have a gynecological exam yearly,.

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Pearly Pink Papules (PPP)


Pearly Pink Papules or PPP (close up view)


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