Pearly Pink Papules (PPP) and Need an Adult Circumcision

Dr. Reed, Have Pearly Pink Papules (PPP) on the rim of my penis that has received some comment from partners from time to time.  As you know I am scheduled with you for an Adult Circumcision this November.  Can you remove these little buggers at the same time and how much additional cost?


Dear Chris,

Based upon your photograph I think we can safely confirm the diagnosis of Pearly Pink Papules.  The good news is they are not contagious and tend to occur with greater frequency on uncircumcised men. We don’t charge for removing these as you are already in the operating room and anesthetized.  We employ a needle like cautery to fulgurate or cauterize initially the most prominent ones (about 2/3rd’s) trying to leave some normal skin in between so promote better healing.  You wouldn’t want to trade a white linear scar for PPP.  Done this way, we have not in our experience seen any scarring.  You can return for a touch-up of the remainder, in about 2 motnhs.

With kindest regards,

The Reed Centre for Cosmetic Circumcisions – Miami



Pearly Pink Papules (PPP)


Pearly Pink Papules or PPP (close up view)


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