Pearly Pink Papules PPP, can they be removed during circumcision?

Dr. Reed,  Am scheduled to have a circumcision revision.  Will you be able to remove some pearly pink papules PPP at the same time and what is the added charge? Oscar

Dear Oscar,

We remove Pearly Pink Papules PPP gratis while you’re under local anesthesia and already having an adult circumcision.  Takes just a few seconds.  Why ask you to pay extra?  Please understand that we don’t like to cauterize a continuous strip on the corona or rim. May heal slightly pale.  So we’ll go after the largest first and any others that are isolated.


Pearly Pink Papules PPP photo


Pearly Pink Papules PPP closeup photo 70 to 80% can be removed during the first go-round. In our experience they do not recur and are not contagious.


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