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Southeast Cosmetic Surgey Clinic Does Great Circs – Dr. Harold Reed

Try out the Reed Clinic. Dr. Harold Reed is located in just north of Miami, Florida. He specializes in cosmetic surgery of the penis.

He typically performs very low and tight circumcisions. (Shaft skin right up behind the glans. The skin is smooth when flacid and very tight when erect.) However, he’ll do whatever style you suggest. He circumcised the CIRCLIST Moderator, very high and tight with complete frenulum removal. Be specific in your request and you will get exactly what you desire.

He will perform the consultation and circumcision all the same day, for a total cost of $1200. The staff is very helpful in suggesting travel arrangements/accommodations and he accepts most insurance.

1111 Kane Concourse
Bay Harbor, Florida
(305) 865-2000

I had a very high and tight cut. A double set of sutures had been used to keep the incision in place. The scar line is flush with the base of my penis when soft (right at the pubic region). When erect it moves forward about 2 cm. It is not visible except under the correct lighting condition. (I can find it since I know what I am looking for)

Taka (USA)

This doctor is an artist. I strongly advise you to check him out. I wanted all of the inner skin removed and this is what I got. I tend to get an erection every time I look at my new dick. He did a great job on me too!


As a former patient of Dr Reed, I would recommend him very highly. I had a loose circumcision (done as an adult) and went to him to have it tightened up. He examined me first in one room where he asked me to undress completely – even socks and get on the table. He then examined my penis and asked me what I didn’t like about my circ. I told him to tighten it up and cut the frenulum completely off. He then stretched it, marked it where he was going to cut, and then I got dressed. I then went into the next room and undressed again, put my clothes in a locker, put on a surgical robe and then went to his extremely well equipped operating room. Incidentally, the room where you leave you clothes is extremely well equipped as well- it looks like a bathroom at the Ritz-Carlton.

In the operating room he injected the area, put a cloth over me with a hole in it for my penis, put a pressure monitor on one arm and a needle in the other one attached to a bottle. His assistant, Damian, stretched my penis with a device that he inserted in the hole, and he then cut away. I felt absolutely nothing. It took about 45 minutes. They left me on the table about 2 hours to rest, asked me what I wanted to eat, and then I dressed and left. I had to fill an antibiotic prescription that he gave me, but it was only a prevention. He asked me to return the next day, which I did, and pronounced that everything was excellent. I took the bandage off in about a week and the very fine stitches out about 10 days later. No problems at all- no infection, basically no pain, and very little swelling.

The end result was excellent. The scar is low (no choice due to first circ that was quite low) and the circ is tight- the head is always bare, even seated. There is no sign that I ever had a frenulum. I would highly recommend him. The end result is cosmetically excellent- the scar is extremely fine and it looks as if I had been circumcised since birth. He has a nurse/receptionist at the desk in front and a male nurse to assist him with the surgery. There is absolutely no hassle nor embarrassment. I asked him how many female patients he had- in 12 years in Miami he had only one!! He is really the penis doctor.
Anonymous (USA)


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