Do you offer a choice of circumcision styles?

Dr. Reed, Do you offer a choice of circumcision styles?  Nat

Dear Nat,

You have 4 options with circumcision styles assuming that there are no contraindications such as phimosis.  With phimosis, we have to remove the distal phimotic ring which involves both inner and outer skin.  That would preclude a high circumcision, but we can still make it tight if you wish a tight circumcision.  Please understand we cannot make it that tight that pubic skin and scrotal skin and hair is drawn onto the shaft of the penis.

The frenulum can be removed or left alone. 80% of our patients request frenulum removal and of the 20% that don’t, 80% come back and say “Doctor, now remove it.”

The cut is typically on the oblqiue meaning the inner skin is equidistant all the way around, but it could be perpendicular to the long axis of the penile shaft.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Cosmetic Circumcision | Miami

Low and tight circumcision 

High and tight circumcision

Frenulum removed

Adult circumcision after picture (patient of Dr. Reed)


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