Nervous in the service about my adult circumcision, suggestions please

Dr. Reed,  Getting nervous about my upcoming adult circumcision under local anesthesia.  I understand your approach about numbing cream and then the advancing wheal of local anesthesia.  What about IV sedation?  Luke

Dear Luke,

Adult circumcision comfort means first mentally, as well as freedom from any pain.  Both are key. You’ll be hooked up to monitors so we can be sure under blood pressure and pulse are normal.

I guess I’m one of the few people who for most dental procedures, tells the dentist not to use any anesthesia, and tend to snooze in the chair.  (Looks like a good place to take a nap).  One dentist got offended because I wouldn’t stay awake to listen to his jokes.

Here are some suggestions, bring your spouse or friend into the operating room if they wish and they can sit down near the head of the operating table and chit chat with you.  This is not unlike a Mom being present in the emergency room when her toddler is being sewn up (reduces hysteria)..  Next you can take some Xanax the night before and on the morning of your adult circumcision.  Next, we will provide “conscious” sedation to you intravenously with 2 very respected medications: Versed (a tranquilizer) and Fentanyl (a narcotici).  You will still be awake, but it will be like you had 3 martinis.

If you are given IV sedation, you cannot drive for 24 hours, as you are medically-legally intoxicated. You will also need someone to escort you into your hotel room.  I will wheelchair you to a waiting car or cab.  We will not discharge you from the recovery room until your Aldrete score is a perfect 10 and you have your “sea legs.”

Please see adult circumcision before and after pictures on our web-site


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Cosmetic Circumcisions – Miami
loves his circumcised penis

Very high and tight circumcision picture

After circumcision picture (more typical moderate result, patient of Dr. Reed)

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