Frenulum Removal vs. Release

Dear Dr. Reed,  Looking for advice. Should my frenulum be released or removed? Thanks


Dear Roan,

Depends on the doctor. May be one and the same thing.  I put a gloved finger over the frenular area.  If I still feel a band, I lyse the band and that removes any tendency for the head to be “cocked” downwards during erection (frenulum breve), and also allows more inner skin to be available for those who want a medium to higher look.  Removal of the frenulum is one of 4 options we give our patients.  If they say remove it, we certainly don’t want to leave a tethering band under the skin.  80% of our patients say “remove it” and of the 20% that say don’t… 80% come back and say “doctor, now remove it.”

Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Ambulatory Cosmetic Circumcision

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