Removal of the Frenulum During Adult Circumcision


Dr. Reed answers the questions “Do You Recommend removing the frenulum during circumcision?

Hi Jeremy,

Our practice is to give patients a choice.  80% of our patients elect to have this done especially if this has been the site of previous teariing or inflammation.  Of the 20% that say no, 80% of these pateints come back and eventually say “doctor, now do it.”!  There is no extra fee to remove the frenulum when having a circumcision.

If there is downward tilting of the head especially with erection attributable to a frenulum breve we certainly call this to the patient’s attention.  For me, a clean sweep all the way around the distal shaft looks aesthetically best.   With the frenulum intact there tendency for dirt to collect there.  Many photographic examples appear on our web-site Before & After: Adult Male Circumcision | The Reed Centre  You can see the attention to detail when closing the frenulum, using delicate plastic surgery 5-0 Vicryl Rapide sutures.  For example look at 1/2, 2/2, 4/2, 4/3.  On 6/6/ and 6/6/ are little waddles of frenulum left by others, which need to be clipped smooth at body surface line. This area should heal imperceptibly.

 Also your great friend is leaving steristrips on for about 3 weeks to relieve tension on the closure and help moisturize the incision.  Moist incisions heal better than dry..  Who needs a spreading scar?


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