Frenulum removal during circumcision

Dr. Reed, Please advise about frenulum removal during circumcision. A good idea?


Dear Duane,

80% of our patients request frenulum removal during their circumcision.  There is no extra fee for doing this.  Of the 20% who say “no”, 80% later come back and say “doctor, now remove it.”

Studies involving large numbers of patients with and without a frenulum show the average ejaculatory latency time is the same.  So as far as loss of sensitivity, I don’t see this as an issue.  If the frenulum is short and pulls the head down when  erect, surely you may wish to consider removal as this will often correct the SST deformity (named after the Concord jet with nose tilting downwards).  If the frenulum is removed it is desirable cosmetically to trim any fin like extension on the underside of the glans or shaft.  We are looking for a smooth surface all around.  Often just clipping the frenular web is not completely removing its tightening potential.  If the surgeon can feel a cord more deeply, this has to be excised as well.

Lastly you want this to heal as neatly and imperceptibly as possible.  The skin has to undermined somewhat on each side so it can be brought together longitudinally in the mid-line.  Steri-strips are applied for added tensile strength and wound protection .


Harold M. Reed,. M./D.
The Reed Centre for Ambulatory Urological Surgery – Miami

6/6 frenulum with fin extension


after healingMature Circumcision 5/6

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