Before and After circumcision guidelines

Your doctor should discuss circumcision styles with you and accede as much as possible to your wishes.  If you have a phimosis, that is scarified tissue and needs to be removed, so you may not have the ultra high circumcision you wished.  Be sure to review all consents and paper work including instructions and mark the margins up with any questions or concerns.

Allow a good 3 hours for discussion, application of numbing cream, injection of local anesthesia, draping, and a good 40 minutes for a cosmetic circumcision, and 1 1/2 hours in the recovery room before leaving to a nearby home or hotel.  Your doctor will examine you several times in the recovery room be sure the dressing is fairly dry and not too tight.   If you need to void, press the call button and get help being escorted to the men’s room.  Void sitting down so as to not wet your dressing.  If you doctor has done your adult circumcision on traction, you may note a spot of blood and slight burning with the first voiding, but that clears within 24 hours.

Avoid extensive walking or being in the vertical position (that refers to sitting as well) for about 20 hours or so.  Yes, do get out of bed to use the commode and eat.  You can do lower extremity excises.  Flex and extend the knees, pedal your feet up and down, curl and extend toes.  Do not remove your dressing.  If some urine gets on it, best to “rinse” it off and let it “drip dry.”  Blood clots are not firm at first and manipulating your dressing could be counter-productive.

Diet:  Hydration is the first defense against infection.  Resume solid foods as tolerated.  Avoid alcohol and spices foods and these ingestants may promote bruising and bleeding for at least 3 days.

Medications:  Resume daily meds with the exception  of aspirin, fish oil, herbal medications, and Vitamin E for 4 days or so. If your doctor prescribed a limited amount of oral antibiotics, do take them for a few days.  Please do not apply any ointments to the steri-strip area as this will lift he steri-strips.

Your Recovery:  You may cautiously ambulate the next day, and could return to an office environment on your 3rd post op day.  Circumcision is your “zero” day.  So if you had a circumcision on a Thursday, most likely you could be back to an office environment on Monday.  No heavy lifting, stooping, prolonged straining, or bending for 2 weeks or so.  No penetrating sex for 8 weeks, and avoid masturbation for 6 weeks.  An incision does not regain full tensile strength for 7 to 8 weeks.  The outer portion of your dressing may need to be slit on the first post-operative day.  Allow your doctor to do that.  You only want to be circumcised once.  We favor leaving the dressing on for 1 week, but you can shower in 1 to 2 days if you cover your penile wrap with a plastic bag.  One week after surgery, you can soak your dressing for 5 minutes and gently remove it leaving the steri-strips intact.  12 to 14 days after surgery your absorbable suture should be removed to avoid permanent cross hatch marks which could occur in 10% of all patients.  After the sutures are removed fresh steri-strips are applied and should be left on for another week to 10 days.

Additional followup.  Call your doctor with any concerns.  Anticipate some swelling for several weeks.  This uualyl subsides fully by about the 4th week.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Cosmetic Circumcision | Miami

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