Need an Adult Circumcision, Removal of Fibrofatty Nodules and Liposuction

June 22, 2015

Dear Dr. Reed,

Thank you for getting back to me…I will contact your office to try to schedule an operation day for the removal of remaining liposuctioned fat and fibrofatty nodules, scar revision and circumcision.. and return 3 months later for the insertion of Alloderm to put back some girth and maybe increase the glans size as I only have small gland when not erect.

Do you require any pictures before I fly over to Florida from the UK..



June 22, 2015

Good afternoon Nathan,

We can do the circumcision and remove fat if not in the pubic or just above area., and possibly revise the scar all at the same time.

But you will need to wait a good three months before AlloDerm can be inserted. AlloDerm should only be inserted under the most optimal conditions.

The reason for the circumcision is that uncircumcised patients have too much foreskin swelling after AlloDerm is inserted and this can lead to problems in wound healing.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.

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