(FAQ) Penile scrotal web is drawing unwanted hair and skin into the vagina

Dr. Reed, I think my urologist made the circumcision too tight and feel that my ball sack is attached to the underside  of my penis.  Have you ever seen this before? Brent

Dear Brent,  Penile scrotal webs (turkey neck) are seen very frequently in my practice.  Believe it or not, some are noted in uncircumcised patients as the penile scrotal area is a transition zone.  However, the is no doubt an overly aggressive circumcision can produce this as well.  I have posted below some pre- and post op (before and after) pictures of penile scrotal webs and how they were corrected.  Not only will you no longer be dragging skin and hair into the vagina, hopefully after penile scrotal web recession you’ll look longer.

Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Cosmetic Circumcision – Miami

Penile Scrotal Web (turkey neck)

Penile Scrotal Web (turkey neck) with 1 1/2″ apparent loss of length

Penile Scrotal Web (turkey neck) recession. Note incision lines look like an inverted Y.  Technique is called V-Y plasty.

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