How easy is it to remove a frenulum

Dr. Reed,  After circumcision I was surprised to learn my doctor did not remove my frenulum. There is not a clean sweep around the neck of my penis.  I think the doctor was discouraged attempting this because the frenulum attachment is broad.  Oscar

Dear Oscar,

Broad or narrow frenulums can be removed.  Usually it is possible to undermine the adjacent skin and bring the edges together in a vertical manner.  If not, a portion could be left open and usually will heal fairly acceptably if covered by stretchable steri-strips. During frenulum removal, the doctor should palpate the area to be sure there is no underlying scar or fibrotic band.

Post-op, no sexual activity for 7 weeks or so.  You could be back in an office environment in a few days.  There is usually no pain after surgery.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Cosmetic Circumcisions-Miami

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