How easy is it to remove Frenulum, had Adult Circumcision 2 years ago

Dr. Reed,  When I had an adult circumcision 2 years ago, I had asked that my frenulum not be removed, but now I don’t have the clean
sweep on the shaft.  And I realized there’s no difference in sensitivity.  How easy is this to remove now, and what fee?


Dear Bruce,

80% of our adult circumcision patients ask that the frenulum be removed and of those that do not, 80% come back and say “doctor, now do it.”  Studies of large numbers of men with an without frenulum removal show there is no difference in mean (average) ejaculatory latency time.

This is truly minor surgery. The fee for consultation which includes obtaining  a medical history and examining you, setting up a folder is $250 and for the frenulum removal $500 including use of the facility local anesthesia and any followup care I proviude is $500..  I will post some photos of what you might expect.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Cosmetic Circumcision


Side view of Frenulum Removal during adult circumcision  (Dr. Reed’s patient)


Mature result of Frenulum Removal  (Dr. Reed’s patient)


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