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Dear Dr. Reed,


What do you mean by cosmetic circumcision?



Dear Oscar,

Here’s what we mean by cosmetic adult circumcision.

We give our patients 4 options, remove or do not remove frenulum; cut low medium or high; tight moderate or loose; and the cut parallel to the corona which is on a slant or perpendicular to the long axis. Removing any skin waddle that may occur is important as is symmetry. Bringing the loose tissue layers back together again  promotes better wound healing with sliding skin throughout.  Placing sutures of fine absorbable Vicryl Rapide results in a better closure than fewer large or coarse sutures which may result in puckered closure..  Stitches are tied with just enough tension to approximate the skin, not overly tight so as to cut into the skin. Meticulous attention to any bleeding sites. Loosening the dressing as needed on the first post-operative day.  Giving the patient a hand held mirror so hr can follow work in progress, and comment.



Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Cosmetic Adult Circumcision – Miami


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