Cord in my penis 3 weeks after circumcision

Hi Henry,

We don’t see swollen solitary lymphatic cords in the penis as they are too small. What occasionally we see are thrombosed veins. As most men with a penis know there are superficial veins just under the penile skin like veins on the back of your hand. Remember the blood flows from the end (head of your penis) inwards towards your pubis. If that flow is obliterated and a sufficient mildly compressive dressing is not applied after surgery, the blood in those veins becomes clotted, the thrombosis may seem rope or cord like. Nature is remarkable for having in your body a mechanism, which produces clots to help stop bleeding like when you are accidentally cut, and later it will lyse or re-open a clotted area as long as the blood flow stays in the circulatory system. More likely than not, whether this is a thrombosed vein or localized indurated area involving a small hematoma, with time the palpable cord should go away. Hematomas induce fibrosis but this is transient. Remember nature is the unpaid doctor on your case and does many wonderful things especially if we only tell nature what we are trying to accomplish by approximating tissue properly.

Make a mental baseline of where you are now or take pictures of anything obvious and of course with on-site physician monitoring to see if this is something else, give nature time. Ice is never helpful, especially in the penis, could cause frost bite and causes vaso-spasm meaning all blood flow in a surgical area slows down. This is not in your best interest. Consider warm tub baths with a 1/2 cup of table salt twice a day for 15 minutes and shower before you leave the tub. You want to enhance blood flow to speed up wound healing

Some doctors might recommend a coated baby aspirin (Ecotrin) daily for a month or so.

Sure would like to get weekly updates  from you.

Harold M. Reed, M.D.

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