Circumcision to Treat Phimosis

Dear Dr. Reed,

I have not been able to retract my foreskin for about 6 months. Initially when retracting it tears with some bleeding. I also have some pearly pink papules. Could you take care of both at the same time?


Hi Tyler,

Having reviewed your photos,(below) this is a classical phimosis and the scarified portion of the distal foreskin appears to be unusually long, meaning this all has to be removed when you undergo circumcision. With each inflammatory or tearing episode more scar tissue is laid down replacing normal healthy elastic fibers. As far as the pearly pink papules go, you should know that this is a normal variant, but in that your penis will be anesthetized for the circ, we will remove about 70 to 80-% of the PPP during your circ at no extra charge. We are reluctant to remove all as we like to leave some skin behind on your corona so that areas of pin point coagulation can heal without a scar. Then when you come back, we’ll clean up the rest. Incidentally PPP is not communicable but seen quite often in uncircumcised adult men.

We also have before and after photos of phimosis on our web-site examples # 10 – 13.
Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Ambulatory Urological Surgery

Uncircumcised adult with Phimosis

phimosis scarred distal foreskin

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