My circumcision doctor said I am too fussy, of course there’ll be a noticeable circumcision scar

Dr. Reed, How delicate a circumcision scar should I expect after wound healing?  Harry

Dear Harry,

Please understand adult circumcision wound healing can take up to 4 months, although you most likely can resume penetrating sex in about 8 weeks. Do ask your circumcision doctor if he/she has a web-site with photos of mature results posted there.  We do, and you can look at before and after adult circumcision pictures on  You may also wish to confer various adult circumcision styles.

Some of our patients sending in pictures of their adult circumcision show a result has comparable to an infantile circumcision.  It just takes a little more care and time.

It takes us about 50 minutes to do a cosmetic adult circumcision.  If someone does it in 15 minutes, it looks like it was done in 15 minutes.


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Adult circumcision after picture (patient of Dr. Reed)

Adult Male Circumcision 5/4

Adult circumcision after picture (patient of Dr. Reed)

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