Circumcision Cross Hatch Marks on a Low Circumcision

December 20, 2015

Good morning Mike,

Cross hatch marks usually relate to failure to remove sutures 12 to 14 days after surgery and/or making suture knots overly tight in which case they “cut” the skin.  There is always swelling after surgery, just all that is needed is to gently approximate the skin.

Overly tight sutures, even if they eventually reabsorb will leave cross hatch marks.  Just like
with dancing, some are light on their feet and others are notably not.  A surgeon is much stronger than the suture he is tying

Although I would favor redoing the incision altogether if possible under local anesthesia, to address the specifics of your case, you would have to initiate a consultation and provide
of photos (top sides and underneath).  Your consultation fee covers multiple phone calls, E-mail exchanges and your first visit to the office excepting surgery, of course.

Our fee for consultation of 250 can be mailed to us. Do enclose your full name, phone number, and mailing address.

Happy holidays,

Harold M. Reed, M.D.


Dear Dr Reed

I recently � had a circ � that left cross hatch marks and would � like to � have � this rectified.�
I was cut quite close to the glans and would like to � retain � as much of the inner mucosa as possible.�  My question is � do you need to � cut a prescribed distance from the � scar or can you � cut as close as required � to only � remove � the � cross hatching and no more?
Thanks Mike�

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