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Waddle of skin under my circumcision

Dr. Reed,  Had an adult circumcision a few months ago and see a waddle of skin underneath.  Can you make some recommendations. Sent you a photo for comment.


Dear Chris,

Thank you for the well focused side view photo.  My thoughts are if you have been monitoring this waddle, and if is continuing to look better, let’s watch and wait until the situation is stabilized without any further resolution.

Only then, would I propose a limited circumcision revision. Waddles are fairly easy to remove and I do this via a ventral mid-line approach.  If there is some redundancy longitudinally as well, then I would also redo the underside of the circumferential incision.


Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Cosmetic Circumcisions – Miami


Waddle of skin after adult circumcision (picture)

Adult Male Circumcision 5/6

This is what you are looking for, post-op adult circumcision
picture (patient of Dr. Reed)