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Would like a tight circumcision and vasectomy

Dr. Reed, Would like a tight circumcision.  Looked at your blog and circumcision pictures on  Do you know of any doctors in Connecticut.  Andrew  PS Is it also possible to have a vasectomy done at the same time?

Dear Andrew,  Thank you for your interest in what we do.  8000 adult circumcisions over the years.  Regretfully, we do not maintain a directory of a handful of urologists who specialize in cosmetic adult circumcision.  You may wish to contact the American Urological Association for guidance.  We do our circumcisions with the penis on the stretch and look carefully to make sure the pubic skin or scrotum is not drawn onto the shaft of the shaft along with pubic hair.  That would be too tight.  Some of our patients request high and tight

Yes, we can do a vasectomy and adult circumcision at the same time.  If you are married, we’d appreciate a letter from your wife saying she agrees, as there is a loss of fertility issue in your relationship.  Remember, you are not cleared to have unprotected sex until you have 2 seminal specimens, the most recent of which show no sperm in the ejaculate.

Did you know, we are having a holiday promotion.  Confer with Anne at the office. Before and after pictures of our adult circumcision can be seen at adult-male-circumcision/photographic-examples

Best wishes,

Harold M. Reed, M.D.
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Picture High and tight circumcision


How tight can you make a circumcision | The Reed Centre for Cosmetic Circumcision | Miami

Dr. Reed, Don’t want a penile scrotal web or turkey neck.. So how tight can you make a adult circumcision?  Frank Dear Frank, A penile scrotal web creates the illusion or “optics” that you have a shorter penis, so we want to avoid that. We will see you in an exam room before the procedure and…Continue Reading

(FAQ) Coming to you for adult circumcision, can I expect much pain?

Dr. Reed, Am scheduled to have a cosmetic adult circumcision later this month.  How painful is this?  Ron Dear Ron, Be assured we understand circumcision anesthesia. Although we will be doing you under local, you should not experience even the slightest of discomfort.  First we apply a numbing cream for 15 minutes, then slowly inject…Continue Reading

Adult circumcision revision (“make it tighter”)

Patient had an adult circumcision 12 years ago and never really happy about laxity of skin. Requests a circumcision revision  Circumcision done very close to glans (don’t know why). Options is to make another incision/scar higher and have 2 circles of fairly uniform circumference, or make incision again low and place dart on underside to…Continue Reading

Why does my recent circumcision revision make me look shorter

Dr. Reed, Had a circumcision revision on the west coast, and think I look shorter or may have lost some length.  I am embarrassed to ask the doctor.  Phil Dear Phil, When circumcisions are overly tight, they may draw your pubic skin onto the penis and scrotal skin also.  You lose the normal penile pubic…Continue Reading

You may need a Circumcision Revision

hi, you never answered my question.  So here it is again. think I have a rather unique situation.  I was already circumcized as a child, but during my adolescent years I developed extra skin growth.  I guess you would call it regrowth of some foreskin.  Now I am 23 and I am kind of in…Continue Reading

Overweight man seeks Circumcision Revision

Dr. Reed, Looking for a tighter circumcision.  Am 50 and have gain some weight in the last 20 years.  My employment has become more office based.  Alex Dear Alex, There is an important difference between a concealed or buried penis and a loose circumcision .  If you stand in front of a full length mirror…Continue Reading

Can I get circumcised as an adult

Dr. Reed, Can I get circumcised as an adult?  Should I have an Adult Circumcision?  What Circumcision Style do you recommend? James Dear James, Yes, you can have an Adult Circumcision,  assuming you are a medically qualified.  Our position is that a circumcision is usually not necessary but may be elected for reasons for hygiene, personal…Continue Reading

Circumcision styles

Dr. Reed,  Is there any Circumcision Style you feel is best all purpose? Edgar Hi Edgar, Circumcision style is a personal choice.  More important is that it be performed cosmetically and that you have had adequate time to contemplate and perhaps go on line at look at various circumcision styles.  If you visit our web-site…Continue Reading

More information on Tight Circumcision please

Dr. Reed, Could you provide more information on Tight Circumcision Dassu Dear Dassu, Surely you do not want a circumcision to be so tight, it draws the scrotum onto the penile shaft creating a penile-scrotal web or draws pubic hair onto the shaft or causes pain with erection or promtoes the concealed penis look.  In…Continue Reading