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Having an adult circumcision for religious reasons. Can be wife be present

Dr. Reed,  I am a 33 year old man who has married a wonderful lady, and would like an adult circumcision for religious reasons.  Did not have one in my country where I was born.  Could she be present?  She works in a doctors office.  Stefan

Dear Stefan,

Of course your wife can be present.  We’ll bring in a chair and she can sit by your side and hopefully distract you and make the experience pleasant.  There have been a few articles written recently about the benefits of a mature adult in a suturing room along with a patient.  This is not such a big secret as in emergency rooms where I trained, the parents were always welcome to be present which helped sedate the child.  Much, much better than I or a nurse could ever do.  Hope she doesn’t get bored.  Circumcision anesthesia takes a while. Allow 15 minutes for the numbing cream to work, then another 10 m minutes for the local anesthetic to take effect, than about 40 minutes for a cosmetic circumcision.

Please look at before and after pictures of adult circumcisions on our web-site

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Cosmetic Adult Circumcision (patient of Dr. Reed)

Having a religious circumcision with a Mohel, any words of advice

Dr. Reed, I am considering a religious circumcision with a Mohel. Any special advice? Gilbert Good afternoon Gilbert, You have the option of having a religious circumcision in our office based surgery center with a Mohel or Rabbi present to officiate with prayers, but allowing me to do your circumcision. Results of our work are…Continue Reading