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Circumcision revision and penile scrotal web

Hi, Doctor how are you doing?  Requesting a circumcision revision.  My name is Nicholas and have previously done a circumcision and was really disappointed with the way it came out. So I want to do it again. Would be glad to send you my circumcision pictures.  So Ive looked around and I feel I am most comfortable with what ive learned from your services and experience. But I study abroad and wanted to get it done in the month of December before the holidays. Is there any open dates for this month and if not is there a way I can get squeezed in?  The doctor may have removed too much skin on the underside (looser on top), and I feel my scrotum is drawn onto the shaft. What you call a penile scrotal web or turkey neck.  Where will the added skin come from to replace what was removed during my initial circumcision.

Dear Nicholas,

December is already well booked but most likely we have an hour of time to fuss over you.  On our web-site adult-male-circumcision are before and after photos of some circumcision revisions we have done.

Before you schedule in, please call the office so we discuss some pertinent questions about your medical history. Also keep in mind you will need to stay overnight after the procedure 1 to 2 days.  Early active mobilization and travel is not a friend of wound healing

Our approach to a penile scrotal web is the inverted V-Y plasty.  The added skin to cover the base of the penis comes from the sides of the penile shaft.

Happy Holidays,

Harold M. Reed, M.D.
The Reed Centre for Cosmetic Circumcisions – Miami


Penile Scrotal Web before picture


Penile Scrotal Web after picture





Re-circumcised (circumcision revision) and on anti-coagulant

Considering Circumcision Revision.  I would like some information about being re-circumcised. I was circumcise at age 35, but they did a very loose cut, and I would like it tightened up. I’m now 72, and am on anti-coagulate medication. Would this provide a problem. How much would it cost and how long would I need…Continue Reading